Waiting on love...

I think there are so many girls who can relate to these feelings. 

Somedays it's easy being a single girl... then as Valentines Day comes rolling around or other days as pictures of engagements and weddings flood all my social media feeds, I can't help but wonder where he is... The man who will come and sweep me off my feet, love me, fight for me, see me as valuable. I'll be the girl he can't wait to talk to. No distance, time or space will matter. I'll be worth it to him.

I can already picture our lives together, he'll make me laugh, I'll write him love songs, we will stick together through thick and thin. We'll support each other's dreams... he'll be the first to tell me he's proud of me as I step off the stage, and whatever his passions may be, If it means waiting side stage for him, or cheering him on from a dugout  -  I'll support him with my whole heart and be the first to tell him, I'm proud of him. Life will be an adventure together as we serve The Lord and experience the journey of life together. 

I know this kind of love exists. I've seen it... And as anxious as it can feel to want to find it... I know God is preparing me everyday to be what I need to be for my future husband. When the timing is right, he'll be there. Whoever he is, wherever he is. I can't rush it, I can't make it happen myself, it has to be God. As much as I think I can try and "help" God, He doesn't need my help. So as cliche as it sounds... Putting the pen and page of my love story in God's hand is not only necessary but wise. God can give me the most beautiful life possible, if I only trust Him. Why would I short change myself because things aren't happening in my "timing".

So I know ladies, we've all heard it a million times... But waiting on His timing and leading is truly the smartest thing we can do. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we sit around and do nothing waiting for this perfect prince to drop out of the sky. I'm not saying he will be the perfect guy, just the perfect guy for you. Listen to the Lord's gentle leading. If a potential guy comes in to the picture, ask God what He thinks about it. 

So, I choose to seek the One who can give me true happiness as He prepares my heart to be a Proverbs 31 woman who is ready for her heart to be loved by the right man, the man who loves the Lord first. 

To my future man, I'm waiting for you. Don't give up on me. I may already know you, or you may have never seen me before, but when we both realize it, it will be a beautiful moment. 

Keep hopeful hearts ladies, we're in this together.
♥ Salah