My passion for the longest time has been singing and I have been doing it since I was very young. I love leading worship and writing songs about my life, and what God has done, and how he has blessed me immensely. It has always been my dream to play music and tour. I just love the idea of getting to be in a different city every night and meet new people everywhere I go. God is so trustworthy and good and I want to use my gifting of music to give glory back to Him.

Here's a little more about me in questions:

1. Favorite Bible Verse/ Book of Bible? I love Matthew 6:25-34 because I know that God is faithful til the end and will provide for everything I need in this life.

2. Spare time hobby? I enjoy being with my friends and eating out... especially Taco Bell!

3. Nickname? I have one really!  Cooooorrrres!

4. Most influential artist growing up? I loved Leeland in high school! He's an amazing songwriter and worshiper.

5. Favorite season? Fall probably, it's the perfect temperature and I love wearing jackets!

6. One thing someone might not know about you? I love Asian stuff.

7. Describe yourself in 3 words? Helpful, caring, stylish!

8. What is one particular message you would like to get across in your music? That you can achieve whatever God has called you to if you put enough of yourself into it.

9. Last question, Favorite candy? Sour patch watermelons/anything gummy. I  also love chocolate/ peanut butter together in any form as long as it's creamy peanut butter!