Keeping you updated...


We are so very excited for this year ahead of us. Last year was quite the whirlwind and alot of great things happened. We truly believe that this year will truly go above and beyond that.

We were in Nashville last week, discussing the future of our band. We are so very excited for what is ahead. The things God has been doing really just leaves us in awe every time. So humbled that He is opening these doors for us. 

We also have our very own tour vehicle now! Dalton Diehl (of ccm band samestate) passed down their vehicle to us. So exciting! This summer we will be traveling well for all of our shows! (I'll attach a photo below :) 

We have an exciting spring/summer ahead! A lot of shows planned! Excited to announce that we were contacted by Ichthus Festival and instead of having to compete sidestage- we have a mainstage spot at Ichthus Festival this year! Again, so blessed. We also have a tour planned this June with our friends Bonner! (check them out here: ) Dates will be announced for that coming soon. 

Just want to thank you all for being here for us through this journey. All the voting contest you've voted in, every cover you've watched or posted, every time you spoke an encouraging word... Those things mean a lot to us.

Love, Salah