Fun times leading up to release day!

We have been putting out special teasers and countdowns and all kinds of fun stuff leading up to release day! We had a fantastic time at Shine FM Friday morning, premiering our new songs to listeners and having a blast! So surreal to hear our music on the radio for the first time and  we feel so very blessed! Still even more fun things to come when the record releases tomorrow! We are so excited for this season! Thank you all for supporting us so much! 

Spirit Song Festival!

We are in the running to open at Spirit Song before great artists such as Newsboys, For King & Country and Kari Jobe! We must make the top 5 to advance to the next round where the judges choose the final artist! You can vote every 24 hours! It would mean so much if you'd take the time to click your mouse a couple of times and vote for us! 

Vote here:

Thanks for your support! Much Love!


Creation Ichthus Festival!

We are so excited to announce that we will be playing on the MAINSTAGE at Creation Ichthus Festival this summer! Alongside many other great artists! For the full lineup for the mainstage and the other stages click here : 

Stay tuned for the schedule so you will know when we will be playing! Buy your tickets! This is going to be fun! 

Happy Valentines Day! Original Love Song- Sweaty Palm Song.

Here's a cute little love song we wrote a few years ago- and we thought it would be fun to put it up today! :) 

Don't forget to check out Salah's blog on waiting for the one God has for you here: 

Nashville Update!

We just returned home from a 10 day trip in Nashville. We are so excited already with what we are hearing and we cannot wait for you all to hear it! Finished up all of the vocals and most of production. This has such a new fresh sound. The best version of us we have heard yet! God definitely sustained us in the 10 days. Our producer definitely brought out amazing things in our vocals we didn't even realize were there! So thankful. Praying as we finish this that these songs will impact and touch your hearts...

Here's a few photos from the 10 days! 



We are successfully funded! We cannot thank you all enough! Feeling extremely blessed that you all believe in us so much! We cannot wait to record and release this music to touch the world with the love of Jesus! 

Dream Now Tour with Bonner UPDATE!

We have to say our #DREAMNOWTOUR was such a success!  We were sad to see it come to an end but it's definitely not the last time we'll tour together!  Bonner band and ourselves are bonded for life and we are so excited for the future! We are so thankful for the things God did during this tour. He is truly good. Hopefully we will be posting some video footage soon! 


We are SO excited to announce that we will be making a new project. We need you to join with us to make this possible! Watch the video and then check out this link: You will be equipping us to touch the world with HIS love.

Relaunching onto the scene with a fresh project and working with professionals. Salah & Shekinah need your support.

We have been on such a journey the past couple years. Growing has been the main theme for us. Things like, traveling, playing shows, adding a new member and coming in contact with so many great people in the industry, have caused a lot to change in the past year and a half.

We had been praying that God would bring a key person in helping us take the next step and make a professional project. After opening for Jeremy Camp, we became connected with his piano player/music director Donnie Cox. A few months later, he contacted us. After meeting with him, we became so excited with his vision for us. After much prayer, we knew this is the path we needed to take. We are so glad we made that choice.

The reason we are calling this an OFFICAL EP is because this will be the best representation of our music we have ever released. It will contain 5 songs. Raising over our goal will cause us to be able to add more songs.

These songs we will be recording, come from such a deep place in our hearts. We have been pouring ourselves into these songs and we know that they will touch lives with hope. 

We knew the best way to make this a reality, would be to call on the people, who trulybelieve in us, to become a part of this new record. Every life that will be touched by this, you will be a part of. 

We are so excited for this fresh start. We cannot wait to share these new songs with you.

Love, Salah, Shekinah, Jeshuah and Cory